Friday, 11 April 2014

Evaluation: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back at our work, I feel that we did really well considering the amount of times we changed the idea, not giving us much time to make the title sequence compared to most of the other groups. I feel that our final cut for the title sequence went better than expected, I personally didn't think everyone was going to like the music however that seemed to be one of the things most people enjoyed. At first I didn't think we was going to manage to get our title sequence out on time, but luckily we managed to. One of the hardest things to do for our film was getting the right font, because after our first one got bad replies from everyone, we decided to look for a new one, which involved asking everyone around if they liked it; however everyone who answered had mixed feelings. In the end we kept with our new one, however we don't know if it was the right choice or not.

The length of our title sequence was also an issue because we had to change ideas so many times, it meant that we did not have enough content to put together. Overall our title sequence could of been longer, but I feel that a perfect title sequence doesn't always have to be too long.

I feel like I have learnt news ways of editing with different programs and that i have got more camera experience than before we started the preliminary task. I also learnt that when you have an idea you need to stick with it more or elaborate on it, because the final idea we chose did end up linking with the same theme as the first one, so if we spent more time on our first idea we would have managed to do all the filming without and issue.

Evaluation: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

For the filming of our title sequence we used my DSLR camera, to shoot all of the scenes we needed, we also used a tripod to keep it steady. We were planning on using the Steadicam; however it had already been booked. For the pictures in our title sequence we used Michael's DSLR as it would come out in a clearer photograph. We would of used Michael's DSLR for shooting our filming however it didn't seem to come with a record option. My camera also only had the option of automatic focus which made some of the filming tricky, so we had to be really careful when getting the shots we needed. 

For the editing of our film I used Final Cut Pro on the macs, which I have rarely used, this made the editing difficult for me to use at the start, but after time I began to learn more about the program and started finding shortcuts that would help my get the editing done quicker. Whilst I was editing the video, Michael and Jonathan worked on the Music using Logic Pro.   

Evaluation: How we plan to attract our audience.

Our film was aimed at 15-23 year olds and mainly towards the male audience. We are planning are attracting this type of audience by not showing to much of whats going, leaving a sense of mystery; leaving people wanting more.

The idea of our film which involves drug deals would get a lot of people interested at this moment in time, due to the fact Breaking Bad is a really popular show and is about drugs also. The title of our film can leave people question what it means by the title, some people will want to know why it's called Twist of Fate and other will want to know what the Twist is. 

Therefore spreading our possibilities of gaining our audience wide. Also the music leaves a lot of sense of tension and mystery, leaving people confused and wanting to know what the films about.

Evaluation: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

From my previous work the codes and conventions of a crime/drama film would be:

- A chase scene
- Involvement of props that can be harmful such as knifes or guns.
- The villain would usually have some unidentified problems that will be revealed at the very end of the film.
- The hero who saves everyone will have a partner.

- Characters will usually include someone vulnerable and gangs.
- Crimes will usually be murder/dramas will usually be to do with family of the protagonist.
- Conflicts due to difference in policing.
- Betrayal.

Our film contains most of these conventions, such as villain with unidentified problems and a character who is involved with gangs and betrayal. Some of the things we will not be using is: a chase scene and as our film doesn't revolve a lot around that kind of action. We plan on using weapons in our film, however we do not show them in out title sequence. 

Evaluation: What Kind of Media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Throughout the process of looking at films that can relate to the genre we wanted, we found various similar films, such as:

Firstly one of the films we looked at was Bullet Boy, due to a suggestion. This film was distributed by: Verve Pictures from their website they describe their company this way: 'we specialise in the release of independent film in cinemas and on DVD, offering audiences the chance to enjoy original and thought provoking cinema from the UK and around the world.' The fact that they like to provoke cinema from the UK gives our film a 
greater chance of being distributed since it is a fully English film.

Secondly another film we looked at was AdultHood, this film was distributed by: Pathé which was a a french business and became the largest film and equipment and production company in the world. They have produced and distributed a large variety of films, going from: 127 hours to Chciken run. However I think this company isn't such a good choice because ours is more of an independent film with not many famous actors. 

Finally another film we looked at was Green Street. This film was distributed by Universal have made many famous films such as: Jaws and Jurrasic Park. This is a big company and would most likely only distribute films that have a lot of potential of making a lot of money, therefore not giving our film much of a chance.

Overall I think Verve Pictures would be the best for our film to be distributed by because it is an independent company and work mainly for films made in the UK, since our film is an England only film I think it would stand a great chance with the company.

Evaluation: Target Audience

Evaluation: Media product represents social groups

My media product represents particular social groups such as: Drug dealers and addicts, it also represents the youth, due to the fact that there is a lot of young people dealing drugs and taking them, this is a common representation of teenagers nowadays.

We have created this representation of drug dealers by showing the scenes of drugs people passed to each other from young looking people. Since the hoods up all the time for the drug dealer you can tell that he is trying to look discreet and hide his face. Having hoods up is also a common stereotype for 'chavs' since they usually have to them to look intimidating to everyone around them. This connotes to the drug dealers, because not only does he not want to be noticed he doesn't want people to bother him, therefore looking intimidating is the best thing for him to do.

The dark colours of clothing that the dealer and mostly everyone he deals to shows the theme of the film. It shows that its not going to be a very cheerful film but more of a dark and gloomy themed movie. The ares used for dealing the drugs show the diversity of people who he deals to. It goes from commonly dealing in an alleyway to in buildings and to people wearing suits. This shows that he is not just selling the drugs to one type of person.